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The Latest from Matthew Werner Handcrafted Furniture

I may have been quiet for the past few months, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. I had the amazing opportunity to design and make multiple pieces for my client’s remodel project for their home in San Francisco. Every piece had marquetry, and I think it’s some of the best work I’ve done. Now that the project is nearing completion and the building is getting cleaned up in preparation for move-in, I had a chance to go up and have the work photographed. I’ll show a few samples below, but be sure to click on the link to go to my website and see the full project.












Star Jasmine and Banks Roses are the theme for this pair of dresser cabinets that flank a walk-in closet, with a wall panel over the door that completes the garden trellis look. Figured cherry for the cabinets, bigleaf maple on the fronts, and custom wenge pulls.

Just a few details to whet your appetite for more. Living room bookcase trimmed out in red roses, made with bloodwood, carob, vera, and wenge, and trimmed in black walnut.

Fireplace mantle adorned with orchids made from satinwood, yellowheart, holly, and bloodwood.

Mandevilla mirror over the fireplace, bloodwood and carob flowers with yellowheart centers, and vera foliage.

Thanks for looking. I’ll be doing Open Studios in October, and hope you have a chance to visit then.


Learn Marquetry – Upcoming Class

new work: Chickadee Panels
These panels were installed into existing walnut door frames to replace cracked glass. Click on the chickadee to see an image of the complete doors. The bigleaf maple background has a beautiful tight ripple, and the trees depicted are bigleaf maple in the upper left corner, and hazel, both local natives, along with the chestnut backed chickadees.
 upcoming: Cabrillo Classes

This summer I will be offering a marquetry class through the Cabrillo College Summer Arts program.

And if the 2 day class is more than you are ready to sign up for, there is also an “Artist’s Doorstep” program with 90 minute visits in art studios. Sign up here for Sunday 20 May visits to my studio.


Thanks for reading. Wishing everyone a wonderful spring!


Open Studios Art Tour in October

NEW WORK – Jewelry Chest with Barn Swallows

This piece is ready to fly home, but the owner has generously offered to let me show it during Open Studios (which is fast approaching).
Every drawer and compartment is lined with gorgeous blue velvet. I spent a lot of time using scissors instead of saws and chisels for this project! Come see it during Open Studios.


Visit my shop during the Open Studios Art Tour on Saturday and Sunday, October 7 & 8, and 21 & 22. Hours are from 11am to 5pm. I will also have painter Linda Curtis showing her work outside my shop. Come and meet 2 artists in 1 visit!
I put together a postcard representing all the Open Studios artists in Scotts Valley, including a map on the back. I’ll have plenty on hand in my shop, and will also distribute some around town. Open Studios is a great way to meet local artists in the spaces where they work and create. I hope to see you!

NEW WORK – Flying Crane and Vizslas


There has been lots happening in the shop lately, and I wanted to report on a couple projects that I felt particularly good about.

Flying Crane Reliquary
Flying Crane Reliquary

The Flying Crane Reliquary is a box that will contain the client’s loved one’s cremains. I feel privileged to be able to do work that holds such personal significance.

Flying Crane Reliquary


These days my sidekick in the shop is a vizsla dog named Zak. A recent commission combined my love of this amazing breed, with my passion for woodworking and marquetry in particular.

VCA Trophy
Vizsla Club of America Trophy

The Vizsla Club of America held its annual show in Del Mar, CA this year, and I made trophies for the winners in a variety of categories. Below is a photo of one of the winners displaying her awards, and below that, the winner of the agility trial.

Winner winner chicken dinner!
Agility Vizsla
VCA Agility Trial winner 2017

Anne & Mark’s Art Party in San Jose

I was invited to show new work at Anne & Mark’s Art Party, along with my colleagues in Santa Cruz Woodworkers. It is described as an occasional and irrational art fest, and the opening gala is September 24. The theme is taken from Alice in Wonderland, so what better place to unveil my new White Rabbit Music Stand!

Music Stand - White Rabbit detail
Music Stand – White Rabbit detail

Anne & Mark’s Art Party takes place September 24 through October 1 at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds. Check their website for more info. Hope to see you there.

Santa Cruz Woodworkers Exhibit at R. Blitzer Gallery

The Santa Cruz Woodworkers are exhibiting members’ work May 6 – 28 at R. Blitzer Gallery in Santa Cruz, CA. The 9-member organization is a collaboration of professionals, dedicated to fostering appreciation for locally produced, one-of-a-kind, handmade woodwork.

I will be showing a music stand, a bed, and several other new works. My colleagues will be showing newly created furniture, decorative turned wood, and musical string instruments. We have also invited woodblock artists Andrea Rich and Aaron Johnson to display woodblock prints and the carved wood blocks used to create them.
The R. Blitzer Gallery is located at 2801 Mission Street in Santa Cruz, telephone 831-458-1217. An Opening Night reception will be held on May 6, from 5 to 9pm. Hope to see you there!

An Artist and An Ancient Technique Reveal Time Announces a New Exhibiting Artist — Matthew Werner!

The next time you find yourself staring at a clock, why not make it a really satisfying experience — one that will have you marveling at the workmanship and beauty inherent in a timepiece with the ability to, not only reveal the time, but also mesmerize.

“Queen Over King Clock” Inspired by “gaff” cards — non-standard playing cards used in sleight-of-hand tricks. Here, the warrior-queen is positioned over the flower-gazing king. 12″x12″ © 2015 Matthew Werner

That’s just the kind of experience you will enjoy with one look at Santa Cruz artist Matthew Werner’s originally-designed, handcrafted clocks. Matthew uses an inlay technique called marquetry, which is the assembly of thin slices of wood to form an image. Performing all the work himself, Matthew uses veneers from naturally-colored woods.

Realistic effects are achieved by dipping the inlay pieces in hot sand to scorch them, resulting in shadows and visual depth.

The art of marquetry is a technique dating back 3,000 years to Egypt. This skill requires incredible attention to detail and mass amounts of time. It’s an art which isn’t widely practiced today. Although Matthew acknowledges that marquetry can be  produced using computers and lasers, what’s lacking in those pieces is human craftmanship, which inbues each piece with otherwise missing elements, such as finesse and flair.

Matthew says, “My goal is to apply the technique with integrity and artistry, to add beauty to the objects I make without being overstated.”

In addition to creating one-of-a-kind clocks, Matthew’s focus encompasses furniture fabrication. He employs the same aptitude and discernment to his furniture pieces, each of which is a work of art.

“My inspiration comes from the natural world — what I think of as the ‘unbuilt’ world. I have a great appreciation for Japanese design aesthetics, especially the way natural elements are brought into the built world. I also recognize that the forms I work with are rooted in the cultural traditions of Europe. My location on the Pacific Rim provides an opportunity to balance influences from east and west, resulting in a body of New World originals that acknowledge both sources.”

Enjoy a few of Matthew’s clock creations by visiting To view Matthew’s masterful furniture, go to: is honored and delighted to add Matthew Werner to the accomplished artists exhibiting on the site. Matthew’s work will enchant you!


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