An Artist and An Ancient Technique Reveal Time Announces a New Exhibiting Artist — Matthew Werner!

The next time you find yourself staring at a clock, why not make it a really satisfying experience — one that will have you marveling at the workmanship and beauty inherent in a timepiece with the ability to, not only reveal the time, but also mesmerize.

“Queen Over King Clock” Inspired by “gaff” cards — non-standard playing cards used in sleight-of-hand tricks. Here, the warrior-queen is positioned over the flower-gazing king. 12″x12″ © 2015 Matthew Werner

That’s just the kind of experience you will enjoy with one look at Santa Cruz artist Matthew Werner’s originally-designed, handcrafted clocks. Matthew uses an inlay technique called marquetry, which is the assembly of thin slices of wood to form an image. Performing all the work himself, Matthew uses veneers from naturally-colored woods.

Realistic effects are achieved by dipping the inlay pieces in hot sand to scorch them, resulting in shadows and visual depth.

The art of marquetry is a technique dating back 3,000 years to Egypt. This skill requires incredible attention to detail and mass amounts of time. It’s an art which isn’t widely practiced today. Although Matthew acknowledges that marquetry can be  produced using computers and lasers, what’s lacking in those pieces is human craftmanship, which inbues each piece with otherwise missing elements, such as finesse and flair.

Matthew says, “My goal is to apply the technique with integrity and artistry, to add beauty to the objects I make without being overstated.”

In addition to creating one-of-a-kind clocks, Matthew’s focus encompasses furniture fabrication. He employs the same aptitude and discernment to his furniture pieces, each of which is a work of art.

“My inspiration comes from the natural world — what I think of as the ‘unbuilt’ world. I have a great appreciation for Japanese design aesthetics, especially the way natural elements are brought into the built world. I also recognize that the forms I work with are rooted in the cultural traditions of Europe. My location on the Pacific Rim provides an opportunity to balance influences from east and west, resulting in a body of New World originals that acknowledge both sources.”

Enjoy a few of Matthew’s clock creations by visiting To view Matthew’s masterful furniture, go to: is honored and delighted to add Matthew Werner to the accomplished artists exhibiting on the site. Matthew’s work will enchant you!


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